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Linear False Ceiling P85

Linear false ceiling

Linear false ceiling P85 is the fast and easy solution for false ceilings since installation is easy thanks to the panel and join profile clipping system on the carriers.

P85 False Ceiling (pitch 10cm) are composed of aluminum or steel panels and aluminum join profiles with furnace-dried polyester paint, galvanized steel carriers and perimeter profile of painted galvanized steel or aluminum.

Connection of 10cm panels with special accessory so that strips stay straight

P85 panels non perforated with 10cm pitch

Perforated Aluminum Strips with sound insulation capability and 10cm pitch.

False Ceiling type P 85 / A - Carrier type A

P85/A P85/A
PITCH: 100mm
PIECES: 10 per linear meter

False Ceiling type P 85 / B - Carrier type B

PITCH: 100mm
PIECES: 10 per linear meter

False Ceiling type P 85 / C - Carrier type C


PITCH: 92,6mm
PIECES: 10,8 per linear meter

Galvanized and aluminum carriers for two types of join profiles, and additional "standard" or "flat", type for special structures with low ceilings (ships, lofts, etc.)

Join Profiles type A and B

Type A Type B

Type A aluminum join profile covers the gap among the panels.

Type B join profile creates a groove among panels.

Perimeter Profile

Perimeter Profile

Perimeter steel and aluminum profile is installed along wall perimeter.

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