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Safe - Lock™ Tee-Grid Suspension Systems


Safe-Lock™ Tee-grid suspension systems from Security Aluminum Hellas SA are the ultimate solution for false ceiling construction with mineral fiber, metal or plaster tiles.
The Safe-Lock™ Tee-grid systems consist of Tee profiles and wall angles, made of high quality galvanized steel and painted parts that are pre-painted with furnace dried polyester paint for maximum endurance to time.
Safe-Lock™ Tee profiles System “D” with the antiseismic Clip In locking system offer maximum false ceiling frame resistance to seismic loads, maximum security and stability of connections and extremely high torsional strength due to the clip connection and grooved joint edge. Furthermore, they offer a perfect visual effect since the grooved joint is practically invisible.
Additionally, the Tee profiles have great fire resistance due to the special expansion slots on the Tee profile main runners, which significantly increase the fire resistance of the Tee-grid suspension.

Excellent Quality Specifications

The Safe-Lock™ Tee-grid suspension systems have excellent quality specifications since they are continuously controlled by our company's ISO 9001 certified quality system we hold from E.Q.A. (European Quality Assurance).

Safe - Lock™ Tee Grid Systems


The SAFE-LOCK™ Tee-Grid Suspension Systems are suitable for suspension of all types of false ceiling tiles and are composed of main and cross profiles whose base is made of galvanized steel while their visible side is covered with polyester paint furnace-dried galvanized steel strip.


Wall Angles made of paint galvanized paint steel are placed on the perimeter of the wall.








(common for Systems "D" & "C")
System "D"
System "C"



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Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications and Packaging Information for the Safe Lock™ Tee-Grid Suspension Systems

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Construction Instructions

Construction and Assembly Instructions for Safe Lock™ Tee-Grid Suspension Systems

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Suspension & Assembly Accessories for Tee Grid Suspension Systems

Suspension Accessories for Tee-Grid Suspension Systems.

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